King Kong – The Township Jazz Musical

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Tune in to BBC Radio 3’s, Sunday Feature slot on Sunday 19th February at 18.45 to hear award-winning alto saxophonist, Soweto Kinch, uncover the story of ‘King Kong – The African Jazz Musical’, an extraordinary musical collaboration that took place in Apartheid torn South Africa inspired by the life and tragic death of the heavyweight-boxing champion Ezekiel Dlamini. Read More

Is small the next big?

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Copyright Peter Barry Chowka circa 1977 Twenty-five years on from the founding of Schumacher College, Leo Johnson, explores the radical vision of E.F.Schumacher, author of cult classic “Small is Beautiful” – the book that upended conventional economics.  But do Schumacher’s ideas, a blueprint for economics ‘as if people mattered’ deliver on some of the challenges we’ve got today?

Tune in on Monday May 9th at 20.00 or Wednesday 11th May at 11.00 on BBC Radio 4 to find out.
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Latest issue of Resurgence & Ecologist celebrates ‘No Destination’ Sandford St Martin Radio Award 2015

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No Destination, a BBC Radio 4 documentary about the 8,000-mile peace walk in the early 1960s by two Indian peace activists, E.P.Menon and Satish Kumar – now the editor-in-chief of Resurgence & Ecologist – has won the Radio prize in this year’s Sandford St Martin Trust Awards for religious broadcasting. The two men walked from New Delhi to the capitals of the then nuclear powers – Moscow, Paris, London and Washington – taking no money or food with them, but rather a message of peace and disarmament. The programme was made by Reel Soul Movies.”

No Destination wins Sandford St Martin Trust Radio Award 2015

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What an honour it was to be shortlisted and then to go on to win the Sandford St Martin Trust Radio Award 2015 for our Satish Kumar Radio 4 programme ‘No Destination’.

“Tale of Jain Monk’s 8,000-mile Cold War March for peace from India to Washington wins Radio Award.”

It was a fantastic evening at Lambeth Palace and we were privileged to be amongst such a talented group of programme makers from TV, radio and animation genres. Nick Baines, Bishop of Leeds and Sandford St Martin Trust Chair was a great host. Lyse Doucet, the BBC’s Chief International Correspondent gave the speech of the night after winning the special Sandford St Martin Trustees Award.

Award-01The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said: “The 2015 shortlist not only shows the extraordinary range of religious and ethical programming on television and radio, but also puts paid to the idea that the spiritual dimension to life can be locked away behind a door marked ‘private’.

“We owe everyone shortlisted a debt of gratitude for broadening our horizons and deepening our understanding of each other.”

You can see the full list of shortlisted programmes at:


Thanks to all the Sandford St Martin Trust team as well as the media professionals who selected the programmes and chaired the panels.

Launch of Rising Women Rising World

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What a fantastic evening it was last week when we gathered in the Houses of Parliament, with Baroness Hussein-Ece OBE, Dr Jean Houston, Dr Scilla Elworthy and Dr Rama Mani to celebrate the launch of Rising Women Rising World and discuss women’s visions and strategies for 100 years of peace in the centenary year of the First World War.  The Grand Committee Room was packed to capacity as we explored this unique moment in history for change, sharing a vision for what a world that works might look and feel like and how women are working to shape it.
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Radio 4 ‘Pick of the Week’ Show. Radio 4 July 13th 2014

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Just heard great news; Reel Soul’s Radio 4 commission, ‘No Destination’ was chosen for ‘Pick of the Week’ by poet, songwriter and broadcaster Stuart Henderson. And this to tie in with the first World Service broadcast of ‘No Destination’ on Saturday 12th & Sunday 13tth July. We’re delighted to be included amongst such a range of top-notch programmes.
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Meeting with Radio 3

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Reel Soul Movies had a great meeting with BBC Radio 3’s Head of Speech programming last week to discuss potential drama projects for next year; all very exciting! Now there’s more creative work to be done before final submissions. Competition will be fierce but the slot is great. Radio 3 have already had some really original dramas on recently – one even went out at the same time as our Radio 4 programme ‘No Destination’ – so we were sharing ‘Pick of the Week – TV & Radio’ & ‘Highlight of the Week’ review space with  ’Dear Mr. Eliot – When Groucho Met Tom’ & ‘Bretton Woods’.  Radio 3 say they want ‘big, bold, ambitious ideas’ for 2015/16,  so here we come!

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‘No Destination’ Peace Walkers in England, 1963

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Just discovered this great photo of Satish Kumar & fellow walker, E.P. Menon, taken 50 years ago during their 8,000-mile pilgrimage for world peace. They had already walked without any money & relying only on the kindness of strangers, from their starting point in New Delhi, India, through Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Russia, Poland, Germany and France, before arriving in London. Read More

‘No Destination’ on the BBC World Service

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We’re excited to announce that details of Reel Soul Movies’ radio programme, ’No Destination’ are now available on the BBC World Service at:

The programme tells the story of Satish Kumar’s 8,000-mile journey for world peace; a journey that he & fellow walker, E.P.Menon completed 50 years ago. It will be broadcast this coming weekend, Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th July on the BBC World Service.  More details to follow soon!

No Destination – The Feature Movie

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Reel Soul Movies is excited to announce that ‘No Destination’ – The Movie is starting to take shape. Following the fantastic response to our radio programme of the same name for Radio 4, we are now going back to our roots and getting visual as well as aural. We are in the process of talking to financiers and those who can help sponsor/co-fund/contribute to the film. If you’d like to be a part of this amazing adventure and help bring this epic story to the big screen or to a cinema near you, do get in contact. Both Reel Soul Movies and Satish Kumar would love to have your support.

4 Star ‘Pick of the Weekend – Film, TV & Radio ‘ in the FT

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Financial Times reviewer, Martin Hoyle, gives ‘No Destination’ a 4-star ‘Pick of the Weekend (Film, TV & Radio) review for our ‘Archive on 4’ programme for Radio 4. Writing of how Satish & his fellow walker trekked for two-and-a-half years on an 8,000-mile pilgrimage for world peace through the four nuclear capitals of the world, (Moscow, Paris, London and Washington D.C.). Read More

Poet, Playwright and author Lemn Sissay comes on board

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Great news; we’ve just had confirmation that poet, playwright, author and all-round wonder performer, Lemn Sissay, M.B.E. is on board to read extracts from Satish Kumar’s book ‘No Destination’ for inclusion in our Radio 4 programme of the same name.  We will record Lemn in the studio of our colleagues at Whistledown Productions in London. What a delight and an honour it is to be working with Lemn Sissay!

Find out more about all the amazing things that Lemn gets up to on his website at