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Launch of Rising Women Rising World

What a fantastic evening it was last week when we gathered in the Houses of Parliament, with Baroness Hussein-Ece OBE, Dr Jean Houston, Dr Scilla Elworthy and Dr Rama Mani to celebrate the launch of Rising Women Rising World and discuss women’s visions and strategies for 100 years of peace in the centenary year of the First World War.  The Grand Committee Room was packed to capacity as we explored this unique moment in history for change, sharing a vision for what a world that works might look and feel like and how women are working to shape it.

Dr Rana Mani, ‘a performance artist of the spirit’.

Dr Rana Mani, ‘a performance artist of the spirit’.

Alongside inspiring and thought-provoking keynotes by Dr Jean Houston who talked of ‘the possible human in the possible society’ and Dr Scilla Elworthy who presented the Rising Women Rising World vision of a new future, we were treated to a deeply engaging performance by the wonderful Dr Rama Mani that introduced us to the voices of women from around the world who have experienced the fallout of war.

As Dr Jean Houston said, ‘we are living in mythic times. The great new stories are arising within us. We need to push the membrane of the possible and create a world that works for all’.

Reel Soul Movies has previously interviewed ‘pioneer of the possible, Dr Scilla Elworthy and looks forward to bringing the ‘Real Soul Stories’ of our time to a world audience. They’ll be more about this in another post, so keep watching this space.

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