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Does the lessening of nature in our lives mean we are becoming less creative?

Curlews by ATMstreetart
image credit: ATMstreetart

In The Nature of Creativity, writer, producer & top environmentalist Mary Colwell asks the question – as we lose the abundance of the natural world, are we also losing our ability to express ourselves? Nature has always been a primary source of our creative expression for art, music, poetry, prose and science. But, over the last 50 years we have lost half the mass of wildlife on earth so where will our inspiration spring from? Can we replace nature with the human world?

Featuring interviews with a wide range of experts from the arts, psychology, archaeology and even computer games, Mary explores exactly how nature has inspired us and wonders if it will continue to do so. This thought-provoking Sunday Feature presents new and challenging ideas about our evolving relationship with the natural world.

Mary Colwell

Mary is a producer and writer interested in all aspects of the natural world. She is a campaigner for a GCSE in Natural History and author of 2 books, Curlew Moon (April 2018) her latest book, recounts her 500-mile walk across Ireland and the UK to find out more about the relentless decline of one of our most loved birds, the curlew. And John Muir, The man who saved America’s wild spaces (November 2014), charts the story of John Muir, the Scottish naturalist and early environmentalist who changed the world.

Following in the footsteps of David Attenborough, comes producer and writer, Mary Colwell’s new film The Story of Britain’s Curlews, a look at the plight of Britain’s curlews as they fight to survive during the winter. With gorgeous cinematography, narration and original music by David Gray and sound recordings by Chris Watson.