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No DestinationSatish Kumar

Wars only beget wars. Just look at Iraq, Syria and Ukraine: Satish Kumar

Great article in The Sunday Times of India published to coincide with the World Service broadcast of the Radio 4 commissioned, ‘No Destination’, programme. (Sunday 13th July)

‘Fifty years ago, a young Indian monk-turned-activist undertook a Utopian peace walk to the capitals of the world’s four nuclear nations. He and his companion then offered ‘Peace Tea’ to leaders: they were to make a fresh cup if they felt like pushing the button. Satish Kumar, now 78, lives in UK, and edits Resurgence & Ecologist, a journal on environment, activism and ethical living. The bloody conflicts raging around the globe, he tells Malini Nair, prove the point of his campaign’.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Sunday Times of India, Satish talks of how war can never bring peace, of the need to give idealism a chance, of how development and conservation are not enemies of each other and how food and cooking are fundamental to human happiness and health.

“Wars are never about peace, they are about conquering and control. Wars don’t end wars, wars beget war.’

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