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Is small the next big?

Copyright Peter Barry Chowka circa 1977 Twenty-five years on from the founding of Schumacher College, Leo Johnson, explores the radical vision of E.F.Schumacher, author of cult classic “Small is Beautiful” – the book that upended conventional economics.  But do Schumacher’s ideas, a blueprint for economics ‘as if people mattered’ deliver on some of the challenges we’ve got today?

Tune in on Monday May 9th at 20.00 or Wednesday 11th May at 11.00 on BBC Radio 4 to find out.

‘E.F.Schumacher: Is Small the Next Big?’ is written & presented by Leo Johnson & is the latest Reel Soul Movies production for BBC Radio 4.

Schumacher Archive courtesy of The Schumacher Centre for a New Economics. Find them at:

Discover ‘Education of a Different Kind’ at Schumacher College in Devon which celebrates it’s 25th anniversary this year,

E.F. Schumacher image by Peter Barry Chowka, circa 1977. Copyright Vreni Schumacher.